The Enlargement of the E.E.C. and the Asian Commonwealth Countries

image of The Enlargement of the E.E.C. and the Asian Commonwealth Countries
Among the most significant developments on the international economic scene in recent years have been those associated with the enlargement of the EEC, some of the problems of which have long been anticipated and some of the consequences of which are even today difficult to foresee.

This study examines problems that may arise for Commonwealth Asian countries from the accession of new countries to the EEC in the field of trade, with a view to seeking appropriate solutions.



Factors Determining the Implications of the EEC Enlargement

A complete analysis of the implications for the ACCs of the enlargement of the EEC presents difficult and complex problems. This would require knowledge of the likely changes in the pattern of production and rate of growth of the economics of the member countries as a result of the enlarged Common Market; because it is these changes which in turn affect the pattern and volume of imports from outside the bloc. Another difficulty arises in assessing the impact on the direction of imports of the new member states of the elaborate network of special trade agreements which the EEC has negotiated with the third countries and to which the members will be required to subscribe.


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