Strategies for Growth and Poverty Alleviation

image of Strategies for Growth and Poverty Alleviation

This paper was prepared in an attempt to build consensus on the factors behind East Asia’s economic success and to formulate best practice lessons for Commonwealth developing countries. The principle development issues analysed include: trade and industrial policy, growth, macroeconomic strategies, human development and poverty reduction.



Analysis: Success Stories – the Lessons of East Asian Development and their Applicability Elsewhere

The rapid industrialization of several East Asian countries has attracted enormous attention. The paper will refer mainly to the four of these East Asian industrializing economies (EAIEs) which first achieved industrial success in the post-1960 period: Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, sometimes known as the “Four Tigers”. A longer list of the EAIEs would include Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, and today China as well: these are referred to at various points below; the background also includes Japan, whose experience has been important.


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