Small States

Economic Review and Basic Statistics, Volume 17

image of Small States

This unique annual collection of key economic and statistical data on states with fewer than five million inhabitants is an essential reference for economists, planners and policy-makers. The Commonwealth’s definition of small states is those with a population of one and a half million or less. For comparison purposes this volume presents, where available, data on states with a population of up to five million.

The book contains 65 tables covering selected economic, social, demographic and Millennium Development Goal indicators culled from international and national sources and also presents information unavailable elsewhere. A detailed parallel commentary on trends in Commonwealth small states, looking at growth, employment, inflation, human development, and economic policy, permits a deeper understanding of underlying developments behind the figures.

The book also includes an article focusing on the role of data and statistics for policy making in small states.



The Role of Data and Statistics for Policy-making in Small States

There is great demand for better, more diversified and detailed statistical data and information, now more than ever before. This has been triggered in part by the need to monitor progress towards the MDGs. It has also been triggered by the new emphasis on monitoring implementation and evaluating results. Statistical data and information are needed to demonstrate progress against targets, and also to plan and monitor the implementation and success of policies developed to achieve the targets. Indeed, it is fully accepted that the effectiveness of policies and the efficiency of operations of governments and businesses depend on access to timely and reliable data and information.


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