Small States

Economic Review and Basic Statistics, Volume 7

image of Small States

This publication is a unique source of information on small states. It is an analysis of the key issues concerning the security and development of small states. The book is in two parts. The first section provides a narrative focusing on the recent economic performance of Commonwealth small states. It also contains two feature articles: one commentary on ‘The Graduation Issue for Small States’ and the other on ‘Small States in the World Export Trade’. The second part of the book provides social and economic data on small states. These are presented in 51 tables. In order to maintain the continuity of the series, the country coverage and country groupings based on income are the same as those used in previous issues of this publication. Please note that a more recent volume in this series is now available.



Small States in World Export Trade

Recent years have seen intensifying global integration in terms of an unprecedented rise in volume of trade and capital flows and a reduction in barriers to worldwide trading activities of substantial magnitude. This drive to globalisation received significant impetus from the successful conclusion of the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations (MTNs) establishing the WTO, providing clear-cut trade rules and procedure, and promising further liberalisation in the world trade regime. Despite these developments, there are indisputable concerns that some countries have not been able to derive much benefit from the ongoing process of trade liberalisation and globalisation.


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