Protectionism: Threat to International Order

The Impact on Developing Countries, Selected Working Papers Prepared for a Commonwealth Group of Experts

image of Protectionism: Threat to International Order



The Tokyo Round and Agricultural Exports of Developing Countries

After having been virtually ignored during the earlier rounds of multilateral trade negotiations some trade improvements have taken place within the agricultural sector during the Tokyo Round. However, it is necessary to distinguish between those products categorised as tropical products vis-à-vis agricultural products. Most of the improvements occurred in the Group “Tropical Products”, (in essence non-competing agricultural products) where , of the 4, 400 dutiable items at the tariff-line level subject to requests for concessions, most-favoured nations concessions and Generalised System of Preferences contributions were granted with respect to some 2,930 tariff items, rather than in the Group “Agriculture” incorporating temperate zone agricultural products such as processed fruits and vegetables, vegetable oils, sugar and sugar products and tobacco where little progress was made.


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