Protectionism: Threat to International Order

The Impact on Developing Countries, Selected Working Papers Prepared for a Commonwealth Group of Experts

image of Protectionism: Threat to International Order



Measures of Agricultural Protection in Major Markets – An Analysis of Selected Products

Increasing protectionism is widely recognised as one of the principal dangers to world economic health, and in particular as a major obstacle to the prospects of growth for developing countries. Both the Report of the Independent Commission on International Development Issues and The World Economic Crisis devote considerable attention to the adverse effects of protectionism on trade, production, consumption and employment in both developed and developing economies. While , under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade!s Kennedy and Tokyo Rounds of multilateral trade negotiations, and more particularly through the adoption by the developed economies of a series of Generalised Schemes of Preference, much liberalisation of trade for industrial goods has taken place, little has been achieved in liberalising developing countries' trade in agricultural products.


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