Protectionism: Threat to International Order

The Impact on Developing Countries, Selected Working Papers Prepared for a Commonwealth Group of Experts

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Developing Countries in GATT after the Multilateral Trade Negotiations

A year has passed since the Tokyo Round Multilateral of Trade Negotiations (MTN) was concluded, and numerous assessments qualitative, quantitative and other - have been made of the results. Among these are the “red book” (together with the supplementary report) issued by the GATT Secretariat; the series of papers produced by the UNCTAD Secretariat to enable the Trade and Development Board to make a global assessment in terms of the relevant UN Resolution; and independent evaluations by individuals and organisations in the field. Undoubtedly, the countries that participated - more especially the developing ones - would s till be in the process of making their own appraisals with a view to deciding what further action they need to take in pursuance of the decisions reached at the end of the negotiations.


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