Profiling Vulnerability and Resilience

A Manual for Small States

image of Profiling Vulnerability and Resilience
Profiling Vulnerability and Resilience: A Manual for Small States provides a tool for assessing both how prone a country is to external economic shocks – its vulnerability – as well as its ability to bounce back from those shocks – its resilience.

The book explains how to conduct assessments that will allow each country to understand its relative vulnerability and resilience, and to identify priority areas for economic policy-making, so as to better cope with vulnerability and boost resilience. Detailed examples are provided for St Lucia, Seychelles and Vanuatu.

For economic planners, as well as students of the economies of small states.




The Commonwealth Secretariat has a long history of assisting small states through analysis, research, advocacy, consensus building and project implementation.This latest publication provides an important contribution to assist small states in formulating policies to build economic resilience to address their inherent vulnerability. The inherent vulnerability of small states stems fromtheir high dependence on a narrowrange of exports and on strategic imports such as food and fuel.These features render small states disproportionately exposed to external economic shocks.Other characteristicswhich pose disadvantages for small states include their limited ability to exploit economies of scale, and their limited opportunities for diversification.


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