Navigating Uncertainty

Towards a Post-Brexit Trade and Development Agenda

image of Navigating Uncertainty

‘Extreme uncertainty’ is a Brexit catchphrase that applies fully to the UK’s future trade relationship with developing countries - which includes many Commonwealth member countries - as well as with the remaining EU members.

This compilation of essays offers timely and expert commentary on how a new UK trade policy towards the EU and developing countries could be designed and implemented. The essays unbundle complex issues and offer a context for the current debate, as well as providing a framework within which to assess and discuss the ongoing negotiations, taking into account the likelihood of a transition period after the Article 50 period ends in March 2019.



The impact of Brexit on global value chains and trade governance

The UK will have an independent trade policy following Brexit, which could potentially have a huge impact on value chains integrated into the UK economy. Concerns about the impact of Brexit on developing countries are beginning to be explored, but the issue is urgent (Langan, 2016; Murray-Evans, 2016; Sanders, 2016). Although there are still many unknowns in this context, existing knowledge on the impacts of trade policy on global value chains (GVCs) can help us understand the likely effects of different policy options.


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