Dynamising Export Competitiveness

image of Mauritius

This paper analyses the attempt by Mauritius to replicate the export success of the East Asia Tiger Economies by adapting outwardoriented trade and investment strategies. It reviews Mauritius' competitive strengths and weaknesses at the national and enterprise level: its policies for trade, industry, foreign investment, industrial technology, human capital and EPZ infrastructure, and provides a detailed strategy for sustaining future export competitiveness. The Mauritius experience offers valuable lessons for other developing and transition economies.




Since the 1970s, a number of developing economies in Africa attempted to replicate the export success of the East Asian newly industrialising economies (NIEs) by adopting outward-oriented trade and investment strategies. Mauritius is probably the most impressive "aspiring NIE" economy in the African region. Starting from a low productivity agricultural economy, it achieved rapid growth and an enviable developmental transformation to become a significant exporter of manufactures with an emerging service sector within a short space of time.


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