LongTerm Debt Sustainability in LowIncome Countries

The HIPC Initiative Revisited

image of LongTerm Debt Sustainability in LowIncome Countries

Drawing on experiences in a wide range of countries, this book highlights the advantages and problems of multipleshift systems. It also makes practical suggestions on ways to make multipleshift systems operate effectively. The book is intended for (i) national and regional policymakers, and (ii) headteachers and others responsible for running multipleshift schools.




A recent review of the Enhanced HIPC Initiative highlighted the successes and challenges, as well as the policy and institutional constraints, of the current debt relief efforts and the problem of long-term debt sustainability in low-income countries in general. Besides high levels of poverty and fragile growth performances, HIPCs and other low-income countries are also prone to adverse, largely unpredictable shocks, including price shocks and deterioration in the terms of trade. They are also affected by natural disasters, epidemics and violent civil conflict.


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