Issues in Monetary and Fiscal Policy in Small Developing States

A Case Study of the Pacific

image of Issues in Monetary and Fiscal Policy in Small Developing States

This study examines how monetary and fiscal policies are implemented in Pacific small states and the impact on growth and development in these countries. It carefully sets out both the policy and institutional constraints in monetary and fiscal policy management, provides case study examples of policy implementation in practice, and suggests policy options that can be used by these countries.



Macroeconomic Performance in Six Pacific Island Countries

The six Pacific island countries (PICs) under study are members of the Pacific Community, which comprises 22 political entities. Eight of these are territories of and administered by major powers, including United Kingdom. There are 14 independent states and eight territories. The territories are administered by major powers. The 14 independent states are the members of the intergovernmental organisation known as the Pacific Islands Forum.


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