Gender Impacts of Government Revenue Collection

The Case of Taxation

image of Gender Impacts of Government Revenue Collection

This title was commissioned by the Commonwealth Secretariat as part of its commitment to integrate gender concerns into economic policy. It provides information to assist in the analysis of potential gender bias in tax systems and the design of gendersensitive revenue measures.



Methodological/Analytical Tools for Genderrevenue Analysis

This section discusses possible methodological approaches and analytical tools for gender revenue analysis. The first part reviews the standard tax analysis methodologies used by tax practitioners to evaluate the impact of tax proposals on individuals and on specific sectors of the economy and their relevance for gender analysis: tax burden analysis; tax incidence analysis; representative taxpayer analysis; microsimulation models; and macrosimulation models. The second part discusses methodologies applied to expenditure analysis by gender responsive government budgeting (GRGB) initiatives and their applicability to gender revenue analysis.


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