From Doha to Cancun

image of From Doha to Cancun

This paper brings together articles relating to key issues of trade liberalisation under negotiation in the Doha Development Round. The focus is on the likely direction and outcome of negotiations on each issue and how the proposed outcomes could affect developing countries. Published as part of the Secretariat’s efforts to prepare developing countries for multilateral trade negotiations, this title aims to bring fresh perspectives to the negotiations in Geneva.



Small Vulnerable Economy Issues and the WTO

Since the second Ministerial Conference of the WTO held in Geneva in 1998 there has been an attempt by small vulnerable economies to achieve some measure of recognition of the particular problems that confront them in the process of globalisation. At the failed Seattle Ministerial Conference the establishment of a work programme for small economies was agreed to by members, but as the draft text was not accepted it was left until the fourth session in Doha before a small economies work programme was agreed.


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