From Doha to Cancun

image of From Doha to Cancun

This paper brings together articles relating to key issues of trade liberalisation under negotiation in the Doha Development Round. The focus is on the likely direction and outcome of negotiations on each issue and how the proposed outcomes could affect developing countries. Published as part of the Secretariat’s efforts to prepare developing countries for multilateral trade negotiations, this title aims to bring fresh perspectives to the negotiations in Geneva.



From Doha to Cancún: Agriculture

The agriculture negotiations that are underway in the Doha Development Agenda were first mandated by Article 20 of the Agreement on Agriculture, signed at Marrakesh in April 1994; and to a considerable extent current debates are coloured by the participants' perceptions of their negotiating successes, or failures, in the Uruguay Round. Furthermore, any new agreement is likely to adopt, and adapt, the architecture of the existing Agreement on Agriculture. Thus, this chapter begins by referring back to the aspirations expressed in the early 1990s before moving on to an examination of the negotiating proposals currently on the table and an assessment of the likely outcome.


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