Education in Small States

Policies and Priorities

image of Education in Small States
This publication argues for work by the Commonwealth and others on the particular and distinct challenges of education in small states, and for the need to examine the impact of changing global contexts, to document the changing nature and significance of recent and contemporary education policy priorities, and to advance the case for new and strengthened initiatives for education in small states.

The study will be of direct interest to a wide range of stakeholders involved in educational and social development in small states, to policy-makers, administrators, researchers, students, comparative educationalists, international agency personnel and practitioners at all levels in small states, throughout the Commonwealth and beyond.




The Commonwealth has a special interest in small states because over half of its members are in this category. Commonwealth work has naturally focused on Commonwealth countries, but it has also contributed to wider agendas which include those of UNESCO as a universal organisation with 193 member states. Some of the work of the Commonwealth Secretariat has therefore been carried out in partnership with UNESCO, and with its International Institute for Educational Planning. The ministers of education who participate or are represented in the CCEM also participate or are represented in wider global forums. In addition, many small states, particularly in the Caribbean and south Pacific, operate effectively together in regional bodies.


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