Development Challenges of HIV/AIDS in Small States

Experiences from the Pacific, Southern Africa and the Caribbean

image of Development Challenges of HIV/AIDS in Small States

Development Challenges of HIV/AIDS in Small States provides an up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of the economic impacts of the epidemic in the Pacific, Southern Africa and the Caribbean. The authors examine specific features of these three regions that contribute towards the spread of HIV/AIDS and identify the responses by various local and external stakeholders. What is clear from the research is that small states must see in the epidemic opportunities for modernisation and, with external support, put emphasis on strengthening policy design and implementation in key areas to strengthen the development effort so urgently needed by their populations.



HIV/AIDS: The Challenges and the Opportunity for Small Countries

The regional studies presented in the previous chapters clearly demonstrate that, despite the differences among countries from various regions of the world, the HIV/AIDS epidemic follows a pattern in which its impact is so similar that it can be discussed independent of any region or country. In examining the three previous chapters, there are some clear similarities. Indeed, the framework and scope of all three focus on the impact HIV/AIDS has had on the economies of countries in each respective geographic location. It is interesting that the fight against the spread of the disease employs virtually similar tactics. What is more, the impact of the epidemic was shown to have similar implications for all regions although they are practically poles apart. We can classify the impact of HIV/AIDS under three main areas, which were clear from the information presented, and outline the similarities that emerge from each region. These are discussed in the following sections.


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