Development Challenges of HIV/AIDS in Small States

Experiences from the Pacific, Southern Africa and the Caribbean

image of Development Challenges of HIV/AIDS in Small States

Development Challenges of HIV/AIDS in Small States provides an up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of the economic impacts of the epidemic in the Pacific, Southern Africa and the Caribbean. The authors examine specific features of these three regions that contribute towards the spread of HIV/AIDS and identify the responses by various local and external stakeholders. What is clear from the research is that small states must see in the epidemic opportunities for modernisation and, with external support, put emphasis on strengthening policy design and implementation in key areas to strengthen the development effort so urgently needed by their populations.



Contributors and Acknowledgements

Mahendra Reddy is a renowned economist and academic in the Pacific region. He has established a reputation as one of the country’s leading economists, and this reputation is widely acknowledged, in government circles and in higher education sector. Dr Reddy has researched and authored or co-authored a wide array of papers and articles that have had, and continue to have, an effect on economic policy and practice in Fiji Islands and the greater South Pacific region. In 2005, his qualities of management and leadership were recognised by his appointment as the President of the Association of the University of the South Pacific Staff, and in 2008 as Head of the School of Economics in the Faculty of Business and Economics. In October 2008, Dr Reddy joined the Fiji Institute of Technology to take up the position of the Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism Studies. In March 2009, recognising his capability, the Government of Fiji appointed Dr Reddy as the Chair of Fiji’s Commerce Commission. Dr Reddy continues to serve in both the roles.


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