Commonwealth Small States

Issues and Prospects

image of Commonwealth Small States

Small states face unique challenges as they adapt to the demands of an increasingly global economy. This publication, produced with the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, surveys the range of challenges facing small states, including environmental and trade issues, economic problems, the particular challenges facing small states in development, education, and governance, and the issue of regionalism. The book provides policy-makers and parliamentarians worldwide with a detailed insight into how these issues uniquely impact upon small states, and offers recommendations on how to strengthen their capacity to exploit the new opportunities and challenges arising from globalisation.



Measuring Competitiveness in Small States: Introducing the SSMECI

Policymakers in small states are increasingly focusing on economic competitiveness in the wake of globalisation. The process of world economic integration - associated with falling trade barriers, increasing technological progress, inflows of foreign direct investment and demanding international markets - poses unprecedented adjustment challenges for small states and enterprises within them (see Commonwealth Secretariat, 1997; Wignaraja, 1997; Peretz, Faruqi and Kisanga, 2001; and Gounder and Xayavong, 2001). Policymakers are deeply concerned about the prospect of declining domestic enterprises and even industrial marginalisation in an open, integrated world economy.


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