Change for the Better

Global Change and Economic Development

image of Change for the Better
Change for the Better explores global political and economic change and its impact on the development process, together with ways to improve development policies – domestic and international.

This Report by a Commonwealth Group of Experts points to the danger of further increase in the existing disparities, if action is not taken urgently by the developed and developing countries as well as the world community as a whole. It points to the mutuality of interest which makes action a necessity; and to the opportunities presented by change. But it stipulates that effective action will only be possible if there is ready acceptance that the challenge of development cannot be ignored; and that current piecemeal efforts are not the answer. International understanding and cooperation will be a critical requirement.



Technology Development and Transfer

Technology, the practical application of scientific and other technical skills and knowledge to the production, processing, distribution and utilisation of goods and services, is vital to economic growth and development. Technology development makes it possible to create entirely new processes, products and services, and to improve existing ones. It raises economic and social productivities, which increase standards of living, and it improves the factoral terms of trade, which enables countries to protect or enhance their international competitiveness in particular products or services.


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