After Lomé IV

A Strategy for ACPEU Relations in the 21st Century

image of After Lomé IV

By early 2000, a new trade agreement must be negotiated between the 72 countries of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group and the European Union, to replace Lomé IV. This volume features: a commentary on the EU’s proposals for the new trade arrangements; an analysis of two free trade area agreements which indicate what these proposals could mean for ACP countries; and a series of suggested counterproposals by the ACP group.



Terms of a REPA

The EU's proposed REPAs suggest that it has as its medium-term objective the expansion of the set of FTAs that occupy the second layer in the pyramid of privilege (see Figure 1). If bilateral and plurilateral FTAs do form an important part of the EU's vision of the future, it is important that their potential economic effects be well understood. This part of the report provides an introduction to the effects of different types of stylised FTA which will serve as a benchmark against which to judge actual agreements.


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