Achieving a Resilient Future for Small States

Caribbean 2050

image of Achieving a Resilient Future for Small States

The Caribbean faces numerous economic, social and environmental challenges, with current projections predicting the road ahead to be filled with low levels of growth, high debt and low resilience.

In Achieving a Resilient Future for Small States: Caribbean 2050, the contributors set out a long-term, research-based strategy for avoiding these projections, recommending a number of policy interventions aimed at building the region’s resilience and development prospects.

Written by influential analysts and researchers and drawing on a wide cross-section of regional stakeholders and thought leaders, the study contains an assessment of the main challenges and opportunities for the region, scenario modelling of where the region could be by 2050, and a broad vision for the region with sector specific goals of how to get there.



Project approach

To gain insight into potential areas of focus within the remit of the project, an Advisory Group – comprising regional ‘thought leaders’, including senior policymakers within the Caribbean, and chaired by the Commonwealth Secretariat Deputy Secretary-General – was convened. Given the multifaceted nature of development, the Commonwealth adopted a multidisciplinary approach in the selection of experts for the group, covering economic, social and environmental disciplines. The members of the group were the Hon. Winston Dookeran (Minister of Foreign Affairs in Trinidad and Tobago); Rod Pennycook (Chair of the Board of the Royal Bank of Canada); Dr David Smith (Coordinator of the University Consortium of Small Island States); Dr Wendy Grenade (lecturer at the UWI); Farmala Jacobs (Caribbean Youth Network representative); the Deputy Secretary-General of Economic and Social Development, Deodat Maharaj; and Dr Denny Lewis-Bynoe, Acting Head of Climate Finance and Small States in the Economic Policy Division of the Commonwealth. They met in Trinidad and Tobago and deliberated on the concept and approach for building the resilience of Caribbean economies and developing a vision for the Caribbean that embodies the aspirations of its people. In their choice of topics for consideration, the Advisory Group drew on their considerable knowledge of the region, identified those issues that are likely to be most transformative for the development of the region, and decided those that were to be the project’s areas of focus.


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