A Handbook on Regional Integration in Africa

Towards Agenda 2063

image of A Handbook on Regional Integration in Africa



Formal Frameworks and Policies for African Economic Integration

The Lagos Plan of Action (LPA) for the Economic Development of Africa (19802000) and the Final Act of Lagos was the first major pan-continental initiative, backed by the OAU, to develop a regional strategy for African development. The LPA was based on an inward-looking, self-reliant and selfsustaining development approach, which sought to utilise fully Africas abundant resources. It outlined short-, medium- and long-term actions and targets covering a broad range of issues related to the continents socioeconomic development, including food and agriculture; industry; natural resources; human resource development and utilisation; science and technology; transport and communications; trade and finance; economic and technical co-operation; the environment; LDCs; energy; women and development; and development planning, statistics and population.


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