The Commonwealth at the Summit

Communiqués of Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings, Volume 3: 1997–2005

image of The Commonwealth at the Summit
The Commonwealth at the Summit: Volume 3 contains the full text of declarations, statements and communiqués issued by Commonwealth Heads of Government between 1997 and 2005. It follows volumes 1 and 2 published in 1987 and 1997 respectively.

This volume covers the meetings held in Edinburgh (1997), Durban (1999), Coolum (2002), Abuja (2003) and Malta (2005).

It carries a foreword by Commonwealth Secretary-General Don McKinnon, exploring the developing priorities of the association over a decade of activity.



Meeting of commonwealth prime ministers, 1946: (London 23 April-25 May)

In the course of the last five weeks the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the Right Honourable C R Attlee, and several of his Cabinet colleagues, the Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable W L Mackenzie King, the Prime Minister of Australia, the Right Honourable J B Chifley, and the Australian Minister of External Affairs, the Right Honourable H V Evatt, the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand, the Right Honourable W Nash, and the Prime Minister of South Africa, Field-Marshal the Right Honourable J C Smuts, have engaged in informal consultations on a number of questions arising in connection with the post-war settlements.


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