Promoting IT Enabled Services

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Trade in services enabled by information and communication technologies could be an engine of growth for many developing countries looking to diversify from commoditiesbased economies. For this trade policy to be successful governments must establish effective policies and develop the correct regulatory framework, infrastructure and human capital.

This handbook explains the key issues from the viewpoints of the regulator, the investor, the policymaker and the donor. It provides detailed analysis of the Mauritian experience, which holds useful lessons for small states in particular. It will help policymakers to learn directly from other countries' experience of developing IT enabled services and will assist private sector organisations to understand how governments frame their policies.



IT Enabled Development, Innovation and Business Transformation

This chapter touches on four broad areas. First, it looks at what information technology and communications might mean for development, the options it opens to developing countries, and the extent to which employers understand the importance of IT enabled services as a strategic competency to participate in this new economy. It then touches on some of the opportunities and challenges that IT services can offer to users, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as an enabler of enterprise transformation and transformation of the business environment. Third, it addresses the ecosystem for IT services, and what these services, as a sector, mean for developing countries. It concludes with some of the guiding principles, or lessons, about programmes both to promote IT as a sector and IT services as a core competency or enabler of business transformation and grassroots innovation.


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