Pollution Control and Waste Management in Developing Countries

image of Pollution Control and Waste Management in Developing Countries
A comprehensive, practical view of environmental management, this book records the experience gained through regional seminars in Africa over several years. It uses real examples to illustrate the points it makes. Subjects covered are: air pollution; coastal and marine pollution; managing domestic, industrial, mining, biomedical, nuclear and radioactive waste; solid waste re-use and recycling; waste water treatment; bioremediation; microbiological assessment and monitoring of pollutants; laboratory waste management; moving hazardous waste between nations; best practice for building a distributed waste network.

The book will be of tremendous benefit to policy-makers, non-governmental organisations, intergovernmental organisations, university and research institutions as well as concerned citizens.



Biomedical Waste Management in Developing Countries

With increasing populations in most African and developing countries, there is a parallel expansion of medical and laboratory services to meet demand. But waste management has received little attention despite the potential environmental hazard and public health risk. For example, in Botswana with an estimated population of 1.4 million, the projected biological and medical wastes is estimated at 11000kg/day by the year 2004 from the current 8000 kg/day. Accordingly, if proper disposal methods are not implemented, there will be an accompanying risk to community health and environmental pollution. Consequently, there is an urgent need for governments to enact laws and provide adequate facilities for treatment of hazardous and biomedical wastes in order to reduce associated health and environmental risks. There is also a need for human resource training in waste management of biohazardous wastes.


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