Pluralism and development in island communities

Report of the Commonwealth Seminar held in Mauritius, January 1975

image of Pluralism and development in island communities
This is the report of a Commonwealth seminar held in Mauritius in January 1975. At the seminar representatives from twelve island member states met to examine the dimensions of pluralism and its implications for development, with particular reference to island communities.

Participants at the seminar, which was organised under the Commonwealth Youth Programme, included a wide range of personnel associated with youth work as well as young people themselves, and an attempt was made to explore ways in which young people might contribute towards integrating and furthering the development of their societies.

This report will be of value to youth and community development workers throughout the Commonwealth and especially those in plural societies.



Opening Ceremony: Address by Dr. James A. Maraj Commonwealth Assistant Secretary-General

Although I have not been to this delightful country before, I already feel so much at home here that I confidently extend to you all a most cordial welcome, and especially to the Seminar participants who have come from places as far apart as Trinidad and Tonga, Malta and New Zealand, Hong Kong and the Bahamas. I suppose I feel at home here, not only because of the warmth and friendliness which I have experienced since my arrival, but also because, being an islander myself, it is not difficult to sense a certain indefinable quality which gives to life in communities such as this an air of buoyancy and of optimism. Indeed, Mr. Chairman, like the participants, who not surprisingly have so quickly become attuned to this environment, I share with you a feeling of kinship and of belonging which I am told is peculiar to island peoples.


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