Negotiating at the World Trade Organization

image of Negotiating at the World Trade Organization

This resource book highlights strategies for community management and financing. It is written in a style which is easy to follow, and it contains many examples and illustrations. As well as commenting on successful practices, it discusses problems to be avoided.



The Project and the Modalities Adopted

The previous chapter described the main features of the WTO multilateral trading system and the legal nature and extreme complexity of the issues underlying the need of developing countries for technical assistance to participate in the discussions and negotiations. This chapter focuses on the assistance that was being provided to developing country members by various organisations at the time when WTO came into existence. It explains why some of the ambassadors of Commonwealth developing countries requested technical assistance from the Commonwealth Secretariat to enable them to participate fully and more effectively in the discussions and negotiations, and how this action led to the establishment of the Geneva Group of Commonwealth Developing Countries.


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