Negotiating at the World Trade Organization

image of Negotiating at the World Trade Organization

This resource book highlights strategies for community management and financing. It is written in a style which is easy to follow, and it contains many examples and illustrations. As well as commenting on successful practices, it discusses problems to be avoided.




I wish to acknowledge first and foremost the following ambassadors, who were elected as Chairpersons of the Group, for the support and confidence they placed in me, for their willingness to meet with me at short notice to review the project work, despite their heavy work schedules, and for their invaluable comments and feedback: Ambassador P Sinzinza (Zambia), Ambassador D Baichoo (Mauritius), Ambassador Ransford Smith (Jamaica), Ambassador Hanido Ali (Malaysia), Ambassador Nathan Irumba (Uganda), Ambassador K J Weeransinghe (Sri Lanka), Ambassador Trevor Clarke (Barbados), Ambassador Charles T Ntwaagae (Botswana), Ambassador Gomi T Senadhira (Sri Lanka), Ambassador Dennis Francis (Trinidad and Tobago) and Ambassador Arsene Balihuta (Uganda).


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