Implementing a National Export Strategy

image of Implementing a National Export Strategy

At its best, strategic planning for an export strategy combines learning from the past, exploring the future and coping with unpredictability. This handbook explains how the Commonwealth Secretariat helps countries develop national export strategies with a clear purpose, strategies that are actionoriented, and which recognise the interrelationship between technological, economic, social, political and cultural aspects of society. It will be useful for all government economic planners, particularly in developing countries, who are concerned to learn from experience in developing and implementing national export strategies as part of the drive for national economic development.




This handbook draws on the experiences of the Commonwealth Secretariat in delivering technical assistance to Member States in the area of export development. Three approaches have been used to deliver this assistance. One approach has been to engage a consultant on a short-term basis to provide support to a member country in producing a framework for export development. Another has been to engage a consultant to work with a member country on a more long-term basis, usually two years, during which time an export development plan is produced and the first phase of its implementation is achieved. From the beginning of 2006, a third and now more preferred approach was adopted. This approach involves the technical staff at the Commonwealth Secretariat working closely with stakeholders in member countries in addressing the impediments to export competitiveness and developing strategies to improve export performance. The output of this exercise is the national export strategy document. Sometimes, but not always, the Secretariat engages an external consultant to provide support for the exercise.


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