Eyes of Democracy

The Media and Elections

image of Eyes of Democracy
The media plays a crucial role in ensuring that elections are conducted fairly, and are seen to be credible. Changing technologies are changing the speed and nature of reporting, but the key issue remains the same: media plays an essential part in ensuring freedom of expression and in guaranteeing democracy.

In Eyes of Democracy, two experienced media professionals offer fellow journalists an overview of the issues, testimonies from colleagues on the ground, and guidelines for good practice, along with reports from Commonwealth Observer Groups on election reporting in a select number of Commonwealth countries.




From the outset and throughout the arguments in this book, the central role of the media in the democratic arena has been established and re-emphasised. Free expression – bringing news, publishing, disseminating or merely sharing it without interference or other barriers – is a fundamental human right. Therefore the media has a great role to play, and an even greater responsibility to bear.


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