Enhancing the Contribution of Sport to the Sustainable Development Goals

image of Enhancing the Contribution of Sport to the Sustainable Development Goals

Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) recognises the potential contribution of sport to achieving important development objectives, including the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Enhancing the Contribution of Sport to the Sustainable Development Goals builds on the work of previous Commonwealth publications analysing sport’s role in progressing sustainable development. Aimed at governmental policy-makers and other stakeholders, it provides evidenced and balanced policy options to support the effective and cost-efficient contribution of sport towards six prioritised SDGs.

The guide is underpinned by an emphasis towards strengthening the means of implementation and measuring and evaluating progress, which are emphasised by the SDGs and existing Commonwealth principles. Developed through extensive Commonwealth Secretariat-led consultation with relevant experts and organisations, it represents an important addition to the growing body of SDP publications, guides and research.



Introduction to Sport and Sustainable Development

The chapters in Section Two consider each of the six SDGs that have been identified, through extensive consultation with Commonwealth stakeholders, as those that sport may be well placed to make effective and cost-efficient contributions to. Each chapter follows the same structure: firstly, an overview of the particular SDG and pertinent considerations with regard to it is provided; then an evidenced analysis of how the contribution of sport to particular SDG targets may be enhanced is presented; and finally, based on the frameworks and approaches identified in Section One of this guide, potential policy options to enhance implementation that can strengthen the contribution of sport-based approaches towards the goal are offered.


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