Building the Resilience of Small States

A Revised Framework

image of Building the Resilience of Small States

Some small states enjoy relatively high GDP per capita –giving the impression of economic strength – when in reality these economies are fragile and disproportionately affected by adverse economic shocks, natural disasters and extreme weather events.

The Commonwealth resilience framework has been developed to identify both the national policies required to build resilience and the areas in which regional and international development partners can provide support.

This study refines and expands the framework to cover areas such as governance, environmental management and social development. It proposes policy measures for building resilience and ways in which the resilience framework for small states can be embedded in national planning to help stakeholders to agree priority areas for policy intervention.



Developing a Governability Assessment Framework in the Context of Resilience Building in Small States

All societies have encountered and still encounter challenges in governing themselves. Recent episodes such as the global economic and financial crisis, as well as the Arab Spring and numerous examples of failed states, clearly show that governing is not an automatic process. Irrespective of country size or the level of development, governing presents real challenges.


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