Biodiversity and Gender for Sustainable Development

image of Biodiversity and Gender for Sustainable Development

This book provides an insight into both biodiversity and gender. It recognises the vital role of women in the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity, and affirms the need for the full participation of women at all levels of policy-making and implementation in the conservation of biological diversity. Analytic, integrative in approach, and clearly presented, this book is aimed at environmentalists, natural resource scientists, environmental practitioners and policy-makers.




Since the late 1980s the Management and Training Services Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat has been providing extensive assistance to Commonwealth governments confronting the challenge of securing sustainable development in the public sector. The Division's initiatives in short- and long-term training programmes, institution-building, advisory services in the area of the environment and sustainable development have been a major stimulus for governments in their individual efforts to integrate environmental concerns in their strategies for national development as well as in providing annual Status of the Environment reports for member countries.


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