Biodiversity and Gender for Sustainable Development

image of Biodiversity and Gender for Sustainable Development

This book provides an insight into both biodiversity and gender. It recognises the vital role of women in the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity, and affirms the need for the full participation of women at all levels of policy-making and implementation in the conservation of biological diversity. Analytic, integrative in approach, and clearly presented, this book is aimed at environmentalists, natural resource scientists, environmental practitioners and policy-makers.



Environmentally-Sound Technology Assessment and Transfer for Biodiversity

One of the largest problems facing humanity today is the balancing of population growth, biodiversity conservation and economic development. In the course of trying to overcome these problems, more problems may be created which may threaten the survival of the very species the programmes were meant to protect. Modern biotechnology which, according to its proponents, is a safe efficient way to produce higher agricultural yields from less land, in addition to pharmaceutical products, has proved to have serious ecological health and socio-economic hazards.


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