An End to Otherness

Commemorative Addresses by the Commonwealth Secretary-General

image of An End to Otherness



'The Black Must be Discharged'

My Lord Chancellor, you do us all a great honour by your presence here this evening, particularly me. I recall that our paths first converged in Edinburgh, at the highly successful 1977 Commonwealth Law Conference, on whose Organising Committee you served, as James Mackay QC, Dean of the Faculty of Advocates. I was able to tell the Conference then of my admiration for Scots lawyers and Scots lawto dissent from Lord Maugham's invective against 'those interesting relics of barbarism tempered by a few importations from Rome, known to the world as Scot's law!' I pointed instead to the role of the two Scots Law Lords who, with a Lord Chancellor of Welsh-Australian extraction, had been able to override the views of English brethren and ensure immortality, for reasons I will stress later, for what may or may not have been a snail pickled in ginger beerand, in the process, vitality for the Common Law.


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