Village Level Aquaculture Development in Africa

Proceedings of the Commonwealth Consultative Workshop on Village Level Aquaculture Development in Africa, Freetown, Sierra Leone, 14–20 February 1985

image of Village Level Aquaculture Development in Africa



Systems in Use and Species Cultivated

The status of aquaculture development in Africa has been the subject of considerable debate in recent years for despite a nutritional need to increase fish production, fish farming has far from achieved predicted goals. Perhaps the first quantified report of fish farming activities in Africa is that by Meschkat (1967) presented during the 1966 'FAO World Symposium on Warmwater Pond Fish Culture'. This was followed in 1975 by the first Regional Workshop on aquaculture planning in Africa (FAO 1975) and Symposium on Aquaculture in in Africa (FAO 1976) both held in Ghana.


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