The Biological Control of Crop Pests in the Caribbean

image of The Biological Control of Crop Pests in the Caribbean

A collection of four papers from the seventh meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee of Plant Protection Directors, Caribbean Area which took place October 26-30, 1992 in Roseau, Dominica.



Microbial Control of Whitefly (Bemisia Tabaci) and Thrips Palmi in Trinidad and Tobago

Problems with chemical control, whether due to resistance of insect pests to pesticides, the enormous cost of bringing new chemicals onto the market, or to environmental considerations, are beginning to dictate the pace at which the development of biocontrol agents is moving. The Government of Trinidad and Tobago has recently invested in several research programmes to develop alternative strategies to chemical control on vegetables and other edible crops. These research projects take the form of training programmes, the aim being to establish a permanent biocontrol capability in the region.


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