Farmers and Soil Conservation in the Caribbean

image of Farmers and Soil Conservation in the Caribbean

This book considers conservation measures designed to reduce the main type of soil loss in the Caribbean, which is soil erosion by water. The document is presented in two volumes. Volume I examines the status of soil erosion and conservation in the Region, the sociological factors in soil conservation programmes, and the legal and institutional context in which all soil conservation must be implemented and managed. Volume II focuses on the technology. It examines the farming systems approach to soil conservation and the methods now being employed to ensure that conservation projects are integrated into the farming system. The final chapter draws conclusions and suggests some guidelines for future projects and programmes which will be of interest to planners, agriculturalists and everyone concerned with land use in the Region.



Soil Conservation Measures Appropriate for Integrating into Farming Systems in the Caribbean

Most of the farmers on hillsides in the Caribbean cultivate small areas of land, are resource-poor and are not technically educated. Generally, they do not have or cannot afford to hire machinery for soil conservation, and other farm activities compete for the scarce available labour. Sometimes the land is too steep for the safe operation of machinery.


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