Chemistry and the Environment

Proceedings of a Regional Symposium, Brisbane, 1989

image of Chemistry and the Environment

This book is comprised of the papers presented at a Symposium on Chemistry and the Enviroment held during the Chemistry International Conference in Brisbane, Australia from 1 to 2 September 1989. The Symposium sought to bring together eminent scientists to identify and discuss major environmental issues of consequence to the AsiaPacific region having a direct association with chemistry.



Ozone Puzzles-Will a Hole Occur Outside Polar Regions?

The importance of the ozone layer in the stratosphere has long been known and is only briefly explained here. During the 1970s theories were developed which implicated man-made organic chlorine chemicals in the progressive destruction of the ozone layer. However, until the last few years these theories were in some difficulty because there were no real measurements of ozone being depleted, let alone any depletion being attributable to anthropogenic chlorine.


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