Biological Diversity and Genetic Resources

image of Biological Diversity and Genetic Resources

This book discusses the Commonwealth Science Council’s programme on biological diversity and genetic resources and aims to contribute significantly towards establishing relevant mechanisms and developing practical action plans for conserving and sustainably using our rapidly vanishing biological diversity.



Recommendations of Key Workshops Held Under the BDGR Programme

Twenty-one workshops were held during the period October 1985 to June 1992 in order to: (a) sensitise the decision-makers at both the policy and the operational levels; (b) develop national and regional networks; (c) train scientists involved in research, development and teaching in the relevant technologies (e.g. tissue culture), and technicians in applying appropriate techniques at field level for achieving practical results (e.g. herbarium management, ethnobotany); (d) develop relevant documentation; and (e) identify gaps that may exist in the programme. The titles of the workshops and their nature are given in Table 3, while detailed recommendations of selected workshops are given below.


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