Beekeeping as a Business

image of Beekeeping as a Business

A clearly written, practical start-up guide to every aspect of establishing and maintaining a hive, written for rural people in developing countries. Beekeeping requires little if any financial aid, and bee products have a good export market. They also provide nutrition for the hive owner. This book is easy to understand, and the text is well supported with clearly- labelled black-and-white drawings and diagrams. There are also numerous colour and black-and-white photographs.



Top-Bar Hives

The top-bar hive is a relatively cheap and simple hive that allows beekeepers in the tropics to manage their bees in a more efficient way than with the traditional fixedcomb hives. As the name suggests, bees build their comb from the top bar not from the ceiling of the hive as in traditional fixed-comb hives or within wooden rectangles as in a frame hive.


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