Amelioration of Soil by Trees

A review of current concept and practices

image of Amelioration of Soil by Trees
The utilisation of marginal and degraded lands, often associated with regions of high population densities, has high international priority for food and fuel production, erosion control and conservation. It is commonly believed that the enhancement of fertility of these soils can be achieved by the use of trees, particularly by manipulation of the associated coil biological processes. In this volume, this belief is subject to initial scrutiny and various proposals are made for the research to investigate the links between trees and soil fertility.

This volume represents the collection of papers presented at the Commonwealth Science Council’s Agroforestry meeting in India in March 1986 for Africa and Asia.



Associations of Microorganisms with Trees - an Aid to Soil Amelioration

In arable systems, nitrogen fixation through Rhizobium/legume symbioses currently provides a higher nitrogen input to soils (as plant residues) on a global basis than nitrogen fertilizer applications. Management of legumes and of legume residues is therefore a key factor in sustained crop production.


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