A Practical Manual on Groundwater Modelling

image of A Practical Manual on Groundwater Modelling
This Practical Manual on Groundwater Modelling presents the basic theories of groundwater flow and contaminant transport as applied to the construction of numerical models. It covers the following areas:

• Basic principles of finite element methods as applied to groundwater problems (flow and transport)

• General procedures for constructing models

• Practical tracking methods for the solution of transport problems

• Illustrative examples and case studies

The manual is designed for practising hydrologists, environmental engineers and scientists who require a primer in groundwater modelling. It is also suitable for graduate students of groundwater hydrology.



Finite Elements

The main advantage of the finite element method is that domains of irregular geometry can be represented naturally. This advantage comes into play with 2D and 3D problems. Thus, although finite element solutions can be developed for any dimensionality, we will focus here on 2D domains.


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