A Nature Conservation Source-Book for Forestry Professionals

image of A Nature Conservation Source-Book for Forestry Professionals

The protection and conservation of forest land is a complex and emotive issue. Tropical forests have long been a source of livelihood for millions of people, and there is no reason why this should not continue. The essence of conservation is making informed decisions on the balance between utilisation and protection. This book brings the ideas and science underlying nature conservation to the attention of those responsible for managing tropical forests for a range of users. It grew from a series of notes for a training course in Uganda, and therefore includes many examples from that country. Includes black and white illustrations and colour photos.



Local Use of Forests, Forest Management and Nature Conservation

In this chapter we explore some of the issues surrounding local use of the forest and how this relates to nature conservation. First we look at to what extent local people make use of the forest, then at how compatible this may be with nature conservation objectives, and finally we look at some of the options open to managers of forests to involve local people in management while at the same time promoting conservation.


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