A History of the Uganda Forest Department 1951–1965

image of A History of the Uganda Forest Department 1951–1965

This volume, compiled by two former members of Uganda’s forestry department, provides both a historical record and a bank of authoritative experience for those involved in forestry and land management today. Many of the situations the authors describe are still faced by today’s foresters, and valuable lessons can be learned from the experiences of the l950s and early 1960s. For example the shortage of saw-timber is accelerating and ways of meeting this deficit are still being considered. Encroachment and the costly demarcation of boundaries are a continuing headache. The preparation of management plans, the training of staff and the advantages and problems of devolution of management responsibilities to local governments remain of central importance. Those involved with similar concerns in other tropical countries will also find this book invaluable.



Enumerations, Mapping and Working Plans

There had been enumeration surveys in a few of the major forests prior to 1951 but these had not been critically designed and supervised to reduce errors and facilitate statistical analysis. The recently appointed Forest Ecologist, after practical trials, produced new guidelines addressing both these points based on a layout of randomised pairs of parallel transects within strata composed of parallel strips of forest. Each transect comprised a series of temporarily demarcated plots two chains long and one chain across (40 m x 10m), which permitted rigorous field checking of a proportion of the records by a supervisor, besides differentiation and location of forest types already recognised on air photos.


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