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  • 01 Aug 2006
  • Commonwealth Observer Group
  • Pages: 44
These Election Reports are the observations, conclusions and recommendations of Commonwealth Observer Groups. The SecretaryGeneral constitutes these observer missions at the request of governments and with the agreement of all significant political...
  • 14 May 2013
  • Commonwealth Observer Group
  • Pages: 54
The Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group for the Kenya elections, held 4 March 2013. The Group was led by HE Mr Festus Mogae, former Prime Minister of Botswana.The Group found that despite some shortcomings the 2013 General Elections in Kenya...
Public policies in taxation and revenue management are key to ensuring natural resource wealth results in economic development. Tax policy and systems should ensure that whenever natural resources are extracted, the host state receives a fair share...
  • 01 Aug 2018
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Pages: 253
Public sector reforms continue to be an integral part of governments' efforts to modernise the public service, making it more citizen-centric and responsive. Public service reforms that improve accountability and participation, reduce corruption and...
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