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The worldwide conservation effort has often been focused on a few key species which have a core function either ecologically or socioeconomically. These species, scientists believe are important for the long term survival of Homo Sapiens. To develop...
Inclusion in education is a process of enabling all children to learn and participate effectively within mainstream school systems, without segregation. It is about shifting the focus from altering disabled people to fit into society to transforming...
  • 01 Jul 2010
  • Isaac Njoroge
  • Pages: 80
At its best, strategic planning for an export strategy combines learning from the past, exploring the future and coping with unpredictability. This handbook explains how the Commonwealth Secretariat helps countries develop national export strategies...
  • 01 Jan 1999
  • Alan Swinbank, Kate Jordan, Nick Beard
  • Pages: 86
Over the next three years negotiations will be taking place in the WTO (World Trade Organisation) on agriculture. This report will help participants and analysts to understand the EU’s negotiating position. It includes: an assessment of the prospects...
This is the report of a workshop organised by the Commonwealth Secretariat on the theme of “Implementing programmes of in-service teacher education.” The main objective was to help those involved in the provision of in-service training to consider...
  • 01 Sep 2000
  • Eileen Fisher, Rebecca Reuber
  • Pages: 48
SMEs make up the bulk of enterprises in developing countries and make a significant contribution to employment and economic growth. This paper takes stock of best practices in industrial clustering and SME promotion in Commonwealth developing...
  • 01 Jul 2008
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Pages: 92
Electronic infrastructure and network functionality are being utilised by governments around the world. The challenge that developing Commonwealth countries face is that many of them still do not have either the advanced industries or the financial...
  • 01 Feb 2009
  • L. Alan Winters, Michael Gasiorek, Javier López González, Keith Holmes, Maximiliano Méndez Parra, Jim Rollo, Anirudh Shingal
  • Pages: 122
The European Union, under its ‘Global Europe’ initiative, has since 2006 been pursuing trade agreements with its major global trading partners. An EU–India Free Trade Agreement is currently under negotiation; if successfully concluded it is likely to...
  • 15 Sep 2011
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Pages: 108
A key feature of a professional and credible public service is transparent and accountable financial management. In a rapidly changing and often challenging public sector environment, public servants are seeking new and creative approaches to enhance...
  • 30 May 2013
  • J. Anthony VanDuzer, Penelope Simons, Graham Mayeda
  • Pages: 572
As International Investment Agreements (IIAs) continue to evolve and become increasingly complex, a key challenge for developing countries is how to maintain coherent investment obligations that are consistent across any overlapping treaty...
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