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  • 01 Feb 2010
  • James Keevy, Jonathan Jansen
  • Pages: 60
International teacher migration poses a wide range of challenges to the recognition and transferability of teacher qualifications across borders. Of primary concern is ensuring that highly trained teachers are able to move freely between countries...
  • 01 Feb 2009
  • Martin Tsamenyi, Mary Ann Palma, Ben Milligan, Kwame Mfodwo
  • Pages: 154
This Economic Paper considers the likely effects on African, Caribbean and Pacific countries of the European Union’s Directive on Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing, planned to be implemented from 2010. It will be difficult for...
  • 01 Jun 1994
  • F. A. Gumbs
  • Pages: 136
This book considers conservation measures designed to reduce the main type of soil loss in the Caribbean, which is soil erosion by water. The document is presented in two volumes. Volume I examines the status of soil erosion and conservation in the...
  • 01 Jan 2000
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Pages: 64
This publication presents a framework for Commonwealth Principles on Promoting Good Governance and Combating Corruption. It was endorsed by Heads of Government at their Summit in Durban in 1999 as the basis for pursuing concerted strategies based on...
  • 01 Jan 2002
  • Commonwealth Observer Group
  • Pages: 54
These Election Reports are the observations, conclusions and recommendations of Commonwealth Observer Groups. The SecretaryGeneral constitutes these observer missions at the request of governments and with the agreement of all significant political...
  • 01 Sep 2006
  • Erwin E. Brewster
  • Pages: 110
Small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs) are seen as the engine of economic growth and employment creation in the Caribbean, as in other parts of the world. This study explores the difficulties such enterprises have in accessing longterm financing...
  • 01 Jun 2008
  • Nick Devas, Munawwar Alam, Simon Delay, Roger Oppong Koranteng, Pritha Venkatachalam
  • Pages: 154
Decentralisation is now taking place in the public administrations of most countries of the world. A critical determinant of the effective performance of local governments is finance – their ability to both mobilise financial resources and to use...
  • 01 Jan 2002
  • Percy S. Mistry
  • Pages: 150
This publication addresses the key issues surrounding financing for development (FfD), the subject of the International UN Conference on Financing for Development (UNCFD) in Mexico in 2002. These key areas are: Domestic Resource Mobilisation; Trade...
  • 01 Jan 2003
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Pages: 92
Three papers presented at a meeting of African, Caribbean and Pacific Fisheries and Trade experts in April 2003. The meeting’s primary concerns were the future of relations between the ACP and the EU, and preparing ACP countries for Economic...
  • 01 Jan 1996
  • V. R. Nanayakkara
  • Pages: 116
This report traces the history of forest management in Sri Lanka from the pre-colonial period to the present. The economic and social importance of the forest estate is discussed, together with chapters on forest research, conservation and...
  • 01 Jan 1993
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Pages: 266
  • 01 Jan 2003
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Pages: 42
Freedom of expression, assembly and association are part of the constituent elements necessary for the establishment of democratic societies. They encompass the essential rights inherent in a democracy to establish and participate in political...
  • 01 Jan 2003
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Pages: 334
This paper brings together articles relating to key issues of trade liberalisation under negotiation in the Doha Development Round. The focus is on the likely direction and outcome of negotiations on each issue and how the proposed outcomes could...
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