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  • 06 Dec 2013
  • Farah Deeba Chowdhury, Margaret Wilson, Colleen Lowe Morna, Mukayi Makaya Magarangom
  • Pages: 90
Women’s minimal leadership role in national and local political spheres remains a serious concern worldwide. The Commonwealth Gender Plan of Action for Gender Equality 2005–2015 calls on governments to introduce measures to promote at least 30 per ...
  • 30 Oct 2013
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Pages: 420
Aid for Trade (AfT) has been an integral part of official development assistance (ODA) since its inception at the World Trade Organization’s Hong Kong Ministerial in 2005. While many observers agree that the initiative has generated momentum in ...
  • 17 Oct 2013
  • Marilyn Waring, Anit N. Mukherjee, Elizabeth Reid, Meena Shivdas
  • Pages: 120
The social protection landscape is currently characterised by competing discourses and agendas, given that bilaterals, multilaterals and private funders have different targets and have differing constituents whose lives they seek to improve. Critical...
  • 30 Sep 2013
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Pages: 240
Democratic decentralisation through ‘conventional’ institutions of local government is facing increasing challenges, whether from financial pressures, questions of representativeness, difficult central-local relations and from a perhaps growing ...
  • 30 Aug 2013
  • Mark P. Hampton, Julia Jeyacheya
  • Pages: 120
‘tourism cannot simply be treated as an economic force that can be left alone to deliver its rewards’ – UN World Tourism OrganizationTourism is a crucial source of employment, foreign exchange and revenue for most small island developing states...
  • 22 Jul 2013
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Pages: 134
ICTs can create digital pathways between citizens and governments that are affordable, accessible and widespread. This offers the opportunity for developing small states to leapfrog generations of technology when seeking to enhance governance or to...
  • 17 Jul 2013
  • Commonwealth Observer Mission
  • Pages: 44
The report of the Commonwealth Observer Mission for the Pakistan elections, held 11 May 2013. The Mission was led by Sir Douglas Kidd, former Speaker of the House of Representatives of New Zealand, and was comprised of 13 eminent persons.The...
  • 25 Jun 2013
  • Tess Kay, Oliver Dudfield
  • Pages: 112
In the last two decades the use of sport within development and peace work has gained increased profile and credibility. Today sport is recognised at the local and international levels as a tool that, if well planned and effectively delivered, can...
  • 20 Jun 2013
  • Vanessa Erogbogbo, Esther Eghobamien, Elizabeth Pimentel
  • Pages: 90
Women account for between 25-40 per cent of SMEs worldwide and their earning power is estimated to reach US$18 trillion by 2014 – more than double the estimated 2014 GDP of China and India combined. Yet there remain structural and cultural barriers...
  • 20 Jun 2013
  • Joseph E. Stiglitz, Andrew Charlton
  • Pages: 44
Aid for trade is a fixture in the development landscape, accounting for approximately 25 per cent of total ODA, and is being positioned as a building block in the future development agenda beyond the 2015 expiry of the Millennium Development Goals....
  • 30 May 2013
  • J. Anthony VanDuzer, Penelope Simons, Graham Mayeda
  • Pages: 572
As International Investment Agreements (IIAs) continue to evolve and become increasingly complex, a key challenge for developing countries is how to maintain coherent investment obligations that are consistent across any overlapping treaty...
  • 14 May 2013
  • Commonwealth Observer Group
  • Pages: 54
The Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group for the Kenya elections, held 4 March 2013. The Group was led by HE Mr Festus Mogae, former Prime Minister of Botswana.The Group found that despite some shortcomings the 2013 General Elections in Kenya...
Across the Pacific local councils take a variety of different forms, ranging from traditional village structures to fullyfledged municipalities. Whatever form local government takes, an appropriate legislative and regulatory framework is essential to...
  • 12 Mar 2013
  • Commonwealth Observer Group
  • Pages: 52
The Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group for the Ghana Presidential and Parliamentary elections, held 7 December 2012. The Group was led by HE Dr Pakalitha Mosisili, MP, former Prime Minister of Lesotho, and comprised thirteen eminent persons in...
  • 12 Mar 2013
  • Commonwealth Observer Group
  • Pages: 52
The Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group for the Sierra Leone National and Local Council Elections, held 17 November 2012. The Group was led by Olara Otunnu, former Foreign Prime Minister of Uganda, and comprised nine eminent persons in total....
  • 28 Feb 2013
  • Matthew Hiebert
  • Pages: 96
Education for sustainable development (ESD) is an essential element of the global response to environmental challenges. It helps young people understand and address the impact of global warming, encourages changes in their attitudes and behaviour to...
  • 28 Feb 2013
  • Barry Sesnan, Eric Allemano, Henry Ndugga, Shabani Said
  • Pages: 74
Much of the literature surrounding education in emergencies focuses on the impact of armed conflict on children. Surprisingly little focuses explicitly on teachers, and yet it is commonly acknowledged that the biggest influences on the education a...
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